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"....his approach suited me perfectly....."

Hi. My name is Liam Kernan and I run a business that offers therapy specifically to male clients as well as offering general supervision to fellow therapists.

I do this for two reasons:

- Firstly, as a man at my age I have either been through something similar to you, thought about it or supported someone in my life through it

- Secondly, I strongly feel that men need a space to share without judgement and as a fellow man I feel I can offer that understanding and space.

We know that the suicide rates for men are alarmingly high and talking genuinely does help to save lives. This can be face to face, on the phone or online – whatever works best for you!

I have worked extensively in the drug and alcohol field and this lends itself well to therapy.  I myself have suffered with anxiety and depression and know how challenging this can be.  For me, the tablets work but I know this isn’t a solution for everyone so my approach to therapy is completely person centred; finding the right supportive techniques for you.

I have had success with veterans and, whilst not having served myself, I have a good understanding of the issues that apply to these brave men.  Equally, I have worked with emergency response personnel and understand the trauma that is often associated with these roles.

On a personal note, I live with my wife and two dogs in Worcester.  I am an avid ‘Gooner’ and Star Wars fan but don’t judge me on these life choices!

Lastly, I encourage you to see your research into therapy and your potential reaching out as a strength.  Accepting that you may need support could be the strongest thing you have ever done!

If the above information is of interest, why not get in touch?  I offer a free introductory session on the phone where we just chat and see whether what I offer could help, no obligation.


"Liam from day 1 immediately grabbed my attention and immediately gave me some hope."


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